martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

Work and Bio of José Miguel Candela

"Norden Tabolango - De Wind Waait “…to Francisco Campos (2008, 04:45)

North and South. Two distant points listening each other. One single wind blows. This wind brings the epic sound of a southern ritual, established at the edge of knowing and time. Tabolango (“strong wind”) is a little town near Quillota (Chile). Each year the ritual of “Cruz de Mayo” (“May Cross”) occurs. All the “Chinos” (“servents”) there spent all day between thanksgiving and praying, with their music and dances. Let's invite their wind to tell us their intention.

This piece is dedicated to my friend Francisco Campos, with whom I’ve learned about this culture.

José Miguel Candela graduated in music at the Faculty of Arts of the
University of Chile in 1994. He has followed courses on composition and
analysis with professor Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, whom he considers his mentor.
He has taught in several Chilean educational institutions (University of
Chile, University Vicente Perez Rosales, Escuela SCD, etc.). He has composed
works for films, theatre and contemporary dance (Chilean National Ballet,
Dance Company La Vitrina, etc.) and has also composed non-functional works
with special emphasis in the electroacoustic music field. In 2000 he was
awarded a scholarship by Andes Foundation to compose his project "four
symphonic movements of indigenist nature". In 2003 he was awarded a
scholarship by the UNESCO-ASCHBERG institution to spend two months at the
Virginia Center for Creative Arts, USA. In 2005 he received a scholarship
granted by the LIPM (Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and
LAIM (ARCIS Laboratory of Music Informatics), to do a residence in this
Laboratory.In 2006 he realizes a tour of concerts along Europe (Barcelona,
Bourges, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Aveiro, Madrid). In 2007 he receives one of the two
Latin American composers support programs, granted by the Spanish Department
of Culture for a one-month residence in the Musical Informatic and And
Electronic Laboratory (LIEM) of the Center for the Diffusion of the
Contemporary Music (CDMC), Center of Art Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain. For four
years, he was coordinator of the Electroacoustic Community of Chile
( ). He has founded and for six years organized the International
Electroacoustic Music Festival of Santiago de Chile, "Ai-maako". He is now
composition teacher of the ARCIS University’s School of Music

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