martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

Daniel Schachter broad-A-broad (Eng)

Daniel Schachter
Born in Buenos Aires in 1953. Since the late 80’s made electroacoustic music his specialty, and worked on research and application of new sound generation techniques, taking part of different real time electroacoustic and mixed music composition and performing groups. Professor and researcher at the Nat. University of Lanús (UNLa) in Argentina, where he is co-Artistic Director of the Annual International Festival Sonoimágenes. Founder member of the RedASLA (Network for Latinamerican Sonic Arts). He presented his music and lectures at Conferences, Festivals and Concert Series around the world. Among these, he had two commissions from the INA.GRM for the 1996 / 2006 seasons, several participations at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival (USA), the Festival Synthèse (Bourges, France), Visiones Sonoras (Mexico), Ai-maako (Chile) and at the 2004 Sonic Arts Network Conference "Soundcircus" in Leicester (UK) thanks to the support of the British Academy. After that event, his talk was published by Organised Sound magazine (Cambridge University Press). His music has been edited by the UNLa, Cosentino Records (Buenos Aires), the National Endowment for the Arts of Argentina and Pogus Records (New York). -


To work with sounds from my own environment plus a world of samples by colleagues living so far away from home, was a big challenge and a great pleasure for me. “broad-A-broad” shows a kind of uncommon Sunday morning old wooden Buenos Aires’ subway trip to the district of San Telmo where street vendors are mixed with local singers and people from different universes. Urban activity and sounds recorded at open air are central but not exclusive. From the other part of the world I looked for similar sonic situations or very contrasting but whose inclution made sense, like a child’s cry, people talking or singing, the sound of elsewhere wind, drippings, the ocean, etc. The title has to do with this kind of ambiguity among such diverse sonic theatres.

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