martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

CATALINA PERALTA Freedom in Hot & Cold (Eng)

CATALINA PERALTA Bogotá-Colombia (1963)
She is Associate Professor at the Department of Music of the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá where she has teached composition and electroacoustic music since 1996.
Composer of the Vienna Academy of Music. Magister Artium at the University Mozarteum-Salzburg.

Freedom in Hot & Cold

A part of the samples used, were recorded at one of the main streets of Bogotá, the Carrera 7th on Thursday the 5th of July 2007, during a very big natural manifestation of people of all kind of political thinking, as a protest against the assassination of 11 deputies from the region El Valle, that were kidnapped aprox. 9 years ago, they became hostages by the guerrilla group the Farc. People protested against the Farc, violence, kidnapping, war; they were asking for peace, for freedom.
The other samples were from the cold side of the world, ice breaking and sound of dripping and running water.

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