martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008


Jorge Antunes was born in 1942, in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied Violin, Composition and Conducting. He also majored in Physics at the National Faculty of Philosophy. In 1961, after constructing himself several generators, filters, modulators and other electronic equipment, Antunes founded the Chromo-Music Research Studio, and has since been recognized as the originator of electronic music in Brazil. In 1965 he began to research the correspondences between sound and color, and wrote works that he called Cromoplastofonias, for orchestras, magnetic tapes, lights, using also the senses of smell, taste and touch. From 1969 until 1973 he won scholarships to study in Buenos Aires, Utrecht and Paris. Jorge Antunes is professor of composition at the University of Brasilia and is president of the SBME: Sociedad Brasileña de Música Electroacústica (Brazilian Society for Electroacoustic Music). Antunes was a winner of the most important composition competitions in the world and his scores are published by Salabert, Breitkopf&Hartell, Suvini Zerboni, Zimmermann, Ricordi, Sistrum and Billaudot.
(The barefooted stone collector)
electroacoustic music
duration: 4' 00"
Jorge Antunes

This piece was composed in Mars 2008 at the LIEM (Laboratorio de Informática y Electrónica Musical) in Madrid, specially for the North&South project. The basic sound materials were recorded by Jeans Hedman: "sounds of moving stones" and "sounds of Wild sea". Antunes was interested in the construction of a small piece that could alude to the caracteristics of a collector: the anxiety, the perseverance, the pertinacity, the audacity. Hearing the work we see an obstinate collector of stones. He is seeking rare stones near the beach. He walks on the stones. But he feels pains, because he is barefoot.

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