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Heðin Ziska Davidsen When Sheep Go South (Eng)

When Sheep Go South
I had the pleasure of visiting South America in 2001, when I visited Argentina whilst touring with a Faroese band called Shalder Geo. We played in the Patagonian area, Bariloche and San Martin, and there abouts. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and I've been to Hawaii. So I have a visual idea of South America.
I've also chosen a visual idea for my piece in this project. It is a journey from the Faroe Islands to South America the shortest way possible; straight through the earth. In the piece, we are staying in a fake Faroe sound scape for a while, until we plummet into the ground, only bringing what we can carry: a vague idea of faroese song. We get nearer to the center of the earth, and the heat there makes everything a melting pot. From this melting pot, we sense some new sounds and travel towards them, to end up in, wait for it, South America. After we've been in South America for a short period of time, we realize, that we brought a faroese guest with us, that we didn't know of. A sheep.

About the composer, Heðin Ziska Davidsen
Heðin is basicaly a rock guitarist with other interests such as metal and jazz music. He started writing small snippets of music since the age of 10. In 1993 he started composing jazz and released his first album entitled "In the Eb" (TUTL HJF-47) in 1997. He then moved to Denmark to study music and upon his return in 2001 he released his second album entitled ""Tjant" (TUTL HJF-97) also a collection of jazz music this time more influenced with rock and folk. Since 2005 he has been more and more involved in composing Electro Acoustic Music and cross-over as well. He released his third album in 2007 entitled "Tjant - A beam of Light" (TUTL HJF-147) this time with a more acoustic aproach.

Heðin Ziska Davidsen

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